There are a lot of businesses that find their success in the "EXPERIENCE". For example, there's a Color/Mud Runs, Indoor Skydiving, Painting Ceramics, etc.

These days, people want to "experience" fun or something different than their every day activities.

Why not capitalize on this trend by giving fun "Girls Night Out" parties with fun, experiential activities all the while providing women with great jewelry?!

Make a party where Paparazzi may not necessarily be the main focus (gasp!).  But it's the by-product of the fun and the experience.   
There are Paparazzi consultants who are currently doing some of the following who are KILLING it with sales and a growing clientele who want to come to the monthly Girls' Night Out (GNO) activities.
The trick is how to turn these "experiences" and "GNO" into guaranteed sales.
Here are just a few ideas:



(One consultant had a $3200 night doing this! She has built and built this idea and now it is huge in her area!)