Working on the Beach?!

Working on Vacation??!!

Every year my family and I take a week's vacation to this quaint little town called McCall. My hubby's family has a condo on the lake there and it is the most pretty and relaxing place! I throw my feet up with Swedish Fish and trashy gossip magazines near by while the boys play in the sand and lake.

One morning, I awoke and remembered that the people at Elite Services at Paparazzi Corp were going to be having a call that morning. And it would start in 10 mins! I didn't even think about not calling in. I brushed my teeth and went out by the pool and listened in to the call. 

As I was listening I was thinking how awesome this was! Here I was working my business while chilling by a pool and not wearing a bra!!!

McCall features several small, cute boutiques. Every year my husband and I keep saying, "We totally should talk to these stores about Paparazzi!". We would just think about it but this year we actually did!!! Before we left home, I printed up some brochures, got a hand full of business cards, and a bunch of jewelry.

After breakfast one day, we drove out Pimpin' Purple Paparazzi 'Burban to some of the shops. I talked to them and left the brochure, business card, and a sampling of the jewelry and hair accessories. I am hoping that some of them sign up their stores! 

I love working this business! In order to succeed it has really got to become a part of your everyday life! I think driving around a purple car helps "label" me as the $5 jewelry chick! Think of ways in your everyday life and on vacation that you can spread the Paparazzi Love!