Paparazzi Accessories 2016 Convention - THAT MOMENT

Life is a series of moments. Moments that shape us. Moments that change us. Moments that stay with us as we continue to grow and become the best version of ourselves. Your Paparazzi business is full of moments just like these...

The moment you discovered your $5 habit. The moment you realized that this could be more than just a hobby. The moment you found that this is not just about jewelry. The moment you decided to go for it! The moment you decided to share your story. The moment you realized that you are changing the world, $5 at a time.

This fall, you’re invited to be a part of

FIND It: Making the most of the moments in your life begins with noticing the incredible opportunity that surrounds you. On any given day, you are presented with countless moments that you can discover and shape into what you want them to be. Every party you throw, every errand you run, and every Consultant you meet presents you with a moment of opportunity. What you make of it is entirely up to you. Explore the potential within each moment and seek out new moments that surprise you.

CAPTURE It: Once you find your moment, seize it! An event of this magnitude has countless momentsjust waiting to be captured. Like the moment you get a sneak peek at the hottest new trends, or themoment you learn something new from the Founders and industry experts, or the moment you create a new friendship with another Consultant… these are just a few of the countless moments waiting for you at convention. Join us and capture YOUR moment!

OWN It: Recognizing that a moment has made a difference in you or others is an empowering feeling. Even moments of distress have the ability to impact us for the better. Through trials and successes – big and small - you learn about strengths and abilities you may not have known you possessed. You deserve to be proud of what you’ve accomplished, so own it!

Paparazzi was created because of moments like this; moments big and small being found and captured, and then taken to the next level by people who believed in themselves. This is another one of thosemoments. You are now invited to be a part of the next chapter in Paparazzi history.

This is That MOMENT... The one you've been waiting for. Don't miss your chance to be a part of it!