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Mother of BOYS!

I am the mother of FOUR BOYS!!! Yes, you read it right! FOUR BOYS!!!

I get asked all the time "When is that girl going to come?" or "You really need to have a girl!" 

Ummmmm..... NO I DON'T!!!

I am more then happy to not have any girls! Sure, I went through a time when I was longing to have a girl. Maybe even threw myself a pity party. But I am so blessed to have these boys! They love me! They love spending time with me! I have grown to love doing "boy" things like looking for tadpoles, holding snakes, looking for lizards, going wheeling, etc. So what if I am watching Karate classes instead of Ballet classes! (Karate is a lot more entertaining, that's for sure!)

With Paparazzi, I am able to still have my "girly" time! When I have parties my friends always bring their little girls over and I love helping them pick out jewelry and hair accessories for them! I love seeing their happy faces and cute shrieks when they find that "perfect" piece! 

My boys help me with my business too! They help me with set up and the displays. They love going through the new inventory with me. And they LOVE the Uniquely Urban line! They even help me pick what jewelry I should wear and keep! I love that they support me and are willing to help!

You Can Tell I'm a Mom of Boys Because....

... Super Glue is stuck in my hair from gluing Legos together.

....I always look tired.

...my shopping cart is full of fruit snacks.

....my purse is full of those fruit snacks along with suckers, smarties, and gum.

...I drive a Suburban. (a purple one!)

....our garage is filled up with bikes.

....toys are everywhere in our house.

....I take naps.

....my purse is also filled with 100 live crickets.

...I have no idea what's playing at the movie theater.

...I wipe a lot of butts around here.

...I'm not afraid to talk about poop.

...XBox is my sanity.

...I have piles of laundry.

...I hardly update the blog...I'm too busy!




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