Labeling Paparazzi Accessories Pieces

Paparazzi Accessories names each piece of jewelry or accessory. This name often brings character to the piece! Paparazzi Consultants often refer to the names of the pieces in order to post pictures during a Facebook Party or order more of that one piece. But since the name is located on the sleeve of each piece, once you take the piece out you lose the name!

So, how do you keep track of all the names??!!

Let me show you what I do:

Labeling Paparazzi Accessories

Step 1: Locate the name of the piece. Usually on the cellophane bag or sleeve the piece is in.

Step 2: Take piece out of the bag and out of the sleeve.

Step 3: Turn over the piece!

Step 4: Take white pen and write the name of the piece on the back.

Step 5: Your piece is ready to put on your display!

The white pen I use is a Sakura Gelly Roll Medium White pen.

You can find this pen at any craft store!

I hope this has helped you with organizing your Paprazzi Accessories inventory!


Debbie Parkin

Paparazzi Cons #11156