Just ASK!

Maybe you are wondering why some people seem to have so much business. How do consultants book so many parties? How do they get so many people to join their team? How do they sell so much?

I think the answer lies in two reasons:

1. They build relationships

2. They ASK for business


First, to be super successful in Direct Sales, you have to build relationships with people. People will buy from you more than once, host parties for you and want to join your team when they like you, want to be around you and when they have a relationship with you. Talk to people in your booths. Talk to people at your parties. Have fun. Joke around. Ask questions to learn more about them. Find things you have in common. Make them your friend. Friend them on Facebook. Add them to a VIP Facebook group. Keep in touch with them via newsletter. Those consultants who build relationships with their customers and guests usually go on to have successful long-term business because they have long-term customers.

Secondly, consultants who tend to have a lot of parties/events, sponsor new team members, help those who join their team, and advance in rank are people who aren't afraid to ask. They ask if people want free jewelry for hosting a party. They ask if customers want to join a VIP group so they can get in parties, new inventory, specials, incentives, etc. They ask people if they want info on how to pay their bills using Paparazzi. They use drawing clips and google checkout forms that ASK how that person wants to do business with them. They follow up on lead slips and get information delivered. They ask if people have looked over the information sent to them and then ask "What is stopping you from joining?" They ask how they can help their teammates be more successful. They ask for help from their friends to find events. Asking is powerful. ASK! IF you think about an average person, they won't walk up to a stranger and start asking for info about their business. They won't hold onto a business card for months to call a consultant back because they want a $5 piece of jewelry. YOU have to do the asking. YOU have to follow up. YOU have to act confident and help people be your customers, hostesses and team members!