Gaining Customers through PAPARAZZI PARTIES!

There is a reason that Paparazzi Accessories was built on parties. THEY WORK!!! There is no better way to build you business, make instant cash profit, and change the lives of countless women than with a Paparazzi Accessories party. For many customers, a Paparazzi Accessories Party is not just about fabulous $5 JEWELRY; the come to you when they are ready to celebrate special occasions, need a pick-me-up, or when they are in need of a little something that won't break the bank! What some people may view as a simple $5 jewelry buy, it also creates a personal connection!

Women generally purchase form places that they feel comfortable with. This might have something to do with the product and also the price. But they also shop where they have connections with people! Have you ever been to a place that had great friendly service? They checked up on you, they said hello, etc. This connection makes you a loyal customer. It makes you want to go back to that store because you enjoyed being there! Never underestimate the power of PERSONAL CONNECTION!

By having regular parties, you are providing your customers a place to experience this personal connection with YOU! When they discover that they loved coming to your party, they will come again! They connect with YOU! They will build a loyalty toward you. For your customers, you are not just a regular consultant. You are "My Consultant"! When that happens, you know you've done it right! You now have added to your Paparazzi Accessories clientele list!

I have several "Loyal Customers" that will come to ALL of my Paparazzi Accessories Parties and purchase at least 4 - 6 pieces each and every party! These customers I feel like they are my friends! I have created relationships with each of them! And how did these relationships start? By having PARTIES!

Parties are Powerful! They help build women's self-esteem and help them feel empowered! How does this happen? Women act and view themselves differently and carry themselves more confidently when they feel cuter! This feeling grows when you give them compliments. Their face will light up! It's small things like that that will make your customers want to come to more of your parties!

As I have said before, my customer base has grown a lot simply by becoming their friend! Keep having those Paparazzi Parties and continue to reach out to your customers. You will soon make loyal customers, but more importantly, new friends!