Double the Love - Feb. 2017 Promo


Double Hostess Rewards = Double the Love

Parties are where every love affair with $5 accessories begins. And if it weren’t for our Paparazzi Party Hostesses, how would we get to share that love with everyone we know? When was the last time you told your Hostess you loved her? It’s time you showed them how much they mean to you, so this month we’re DOUBLING the love for our Hostesses, by DOUBLING the Hostess Rewards!

Rewarding your Hostesses is a crucial part of growing your Paparazzi business. It’s so important, in fact, that Paparazzi includes Hostess Rewards in the way that you order inventory! Every 20 PV (10 pieces) you purchase on one order is accompanied by Hostess Rewards in the form of a free accessory.

This month, we’re really feeling the love because we are DOUBLING the Hostess Rewards you receive with each qualifying order! That means you’ll receive two free accessories for every ten pieces you buy! As an added bonus, orders that qualify for the Show Rebate (1000 PV or more) will receive Hostess Rewards on top of the rebate! Even Starter Kits will receive Hostess Rewards – but only during the month of February!

$99 Preview Pack = 3 Hostess Rewards

$299 Small Home Party Starter Kit = 12 Hostess Rewards

$499 Large Home Party Starter Kit = 20 Hostess Rewards

Looks like this love affair just got serious!

*Qualifying orders must be received between 12:00 AM ET on February 1, 2017 and 11:59 PM ET on February 28, 2017. Online parties created through the Party Dashboard in your Back Office during the month of February will also qualify for double Hostess Rewards. Hostess Rewards for online parties will be redeemed as the Hostess places her party order. In order to qualify for double Hostess Rewards, an online party Hostess must place her party order before 11:59 PM ET on February 28, 2017 through the party link connected to the shopping cart at or through the Party Dashboard in their Consultant’s Back Office.