Catch the $5 Fever - Jan. 2018 Enrollment Special

Catch the $5 Fever!

As a Paparazzi Consultant, you get to share a product that makes women feel like a million bucks without breaking the bank. Every single day, people walk away from the parties you throw with their head held high and a smile painted on their face. Not many people get to say that their job is to change the world $5 at a time, but YOU do – and that energy is contagious!

It’s not long after you catch that $5 fever that symptoms start to show. You will smile more. You’ll carry yourself with more confidence. You’ll start to empower others. You’ll begin to see ashift in your family’s financial situation. You’ll develop incredible friendships. And you’ll have fun building a career that literally lets you PARTY for a living!

January is the best time to catch that famous $5 fever because every Consultant who joins the Paparazzi party this month will receive extra accessories for FREE inside their Starter Kit!

There’s never been a better time to join in the fun. Share your $5 fever wherever you go and invite everyone you meet to take advantage of this fabulously fashionable fresh new start.